| F | 5 Y | Terrier Mix | 40 lbs | Egypt | Needs experienced owner | Strong willed | Mumbler | VERY affectionate | Good with some dogs | No cats | Not Kid Social

Meet BELLA! This Egyptian princess has been fostered by our founder for a few months now, and both are eager to see her on her way to her furever ! BELLA was initially rescued from Egypt with the intent of being a second dog but upon arrival the family discovered that BELLA was bullying the other dog in the home and things just didn't work out.. SOS has sponsored BELLA’s time in training and she’s now in foster care where she’s showing off all the new skills she learned. BELLA is a typical terrier and is strong willed and stubborn. We’re not kidding when we say she’s a princess! She knows all her basic commands and is actually quite obedient but is fearful which makes it hard for her to listen sometimes or make the best decisions. She’ll need someone who is firm and asserts control in these situations but remains calm as she is sweet. BELLA is house broken and crate trained.  BELLA’s energy level is moderate – she loves to be outdoors but she keeps @laurabye ‘s morning jogs to about 6 mins long (Laura is totally cool with this) BELLA loves the afternoon sunshine and is happy lounging with you on the back deck or at the base of a tree. She’s pretty vocal and would do best in a home or a condo, but high rises have too much noise and can leave her uncomfortable when alone. BELLA absolutely LOVES her people and is super affectionate. She loves to give kisses and her tail wags so hard her twerk skills put Miley to shame. BELLA has made substantial progress with other dogs but still has some work to do. She is mostly just bossy and more on the grouchy side but we have seen her play bow and attempt to get a little rowdy with some of our other scruffs! She does great with propter intros which means taking both dogs for a walk together before any nose to nose or nose to butt meeting and then slowly close the gap between BELLA and the other dog as they start to get more comfortable with each other. Bella would be okay with older children but will need to be walked by young adults as she can get a little feisty when she is nervous. This was an issue for the first week in her foster home but she’s now cool as a cucumber (for the most part). If you can give BELLA the home she’s been waiting for fill out an application!