M | Puppy | Lab mix | St Lucia | Medium to high energy | Needs stimulation | Very friendly | Happy go lucky | Needs training | Stubborn but smart | Good with dogs and kids | Not cat tested

ACE is looking for a furever home who can help him grow and thrive. He’s an awesome dog but definitely requires a family who can keep him busy and devote the time to training. ACE is a puppy and if he’s not given enough exercise or attention during the day he gets bored and will bark or casually mouth at your arms or legs to try to get you to pay attention to him. Like hellooooo I’m here and I’m so cute and you should pay attention to ME. A flexible schedule is key but he is crate trained when you’re out of the house. He has a lot of energy that he needs to burn so would benefit from a yard he can run around in. Innovative training techniques that keep him mentally and physically engaged will also help since he’s not interested in typical doggy toys. Think filling a kiddie pool with play balls so he can hide things in there, or a doggy treadmill. Up in the gym just workin’ on his fitness. #acesworkoutplan At the end of the day though he just wants to play with his best pals and THAT COULD BE YOU. He has a great disposition and is good with kids although sometimes gets a little too excited and accidentally tackles them like an NFL linebacker. He’s been excelling in basic obedience so far and it’s clear that he’s very smart and eager to please. His new fam should be committed to ongoing training with him to help him break out of this puppy stage, aka getting overexcited and thinking that everything is a chew toy. He’s food obsessed and doesn’t quite understand that counters and the garbage are off limits. He LOVES playtime so an active family who doesn’t mind running around with him in the yard for hours on end is key. He’s great with other dogs and really benefits from regular playdates. He hasn’t been tested with cats. If you’d like to meet ACE fill out an application to adopt