M | 9 Y | Maltese | Medium energy | Very human friendly | Stage 5 Clinger | Needs patience + training | Generally well behaved | Playful | Dog, cat + kid social

Oui, oui je suis PIERRE. This little Maltese is definitely a romantic and ready to love you and everyone around you. So much so that he HATES when you leave and has separation anxiety. He does NOT like to be left alone and is very vocal about it. As such, PIERRE is not suited to apartments and his ideal home is soundproofed and/or has very understanding neighbours. He barks A LOT when left alone. He’s great about his crate when people are around but when he’s alone it’s a different story, and he will have the occasional accident. He’s getting better though! Other than that this guy is a total sweetheart.

Coming into our care, he really hasn’t been taught any rules so his anxiety is likely all about control. He’s very playful and loves playing with you or rolling around on the ground with his toy like a baby otter if you’re busy. He actually loves bath time and will secretly creep into the tub. He will need a strong and experienced owner who is willing to show him boundaries. After living a life of TREAT YO SELF PIERRE he’s ready for some rules – including not being allowed on the furniture unless invited. PIERRE is good with dogs, cats and kids!

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