F | 2 Y | Lab Mix | 35 lbs | Mexico | Energetic | Very Playful | Knows basic commands | Making progress with potty training | Dog social | Not tested with cats | Fine with older children

ZUMBA’s about to dance her way into your heart! This Mexican mutt is super energetic and playful and will keep her new fam entertained for hours. ZUMBA is extremely athletic and for only weighing 35 lbs she’s extremely strong. She’s very affectionate and loves cuddling up with her humans on the couch but is also fairly independent and enjoys some quiet time to herself. Her favourite place to nap is actually ON TOP of her crate because nobody puts ZUMBA in the corner! Despite this, she is actually very well crate trained and sleeps in there during the night without making a peep. Because she’s so athletic ZUMBA can easily jump on tables, chairs, dressers, cars hoods, etc so nothing should be left out that you don’t want her getting to. ZUMBA is fairly chill in the home but does like to play with her toys and bones and throw them all around the house. She will occasionally bark at dogs out the window but responds well to correction. She knows her basic commands and is eager to show you all of her tricks if you have a treat. She is definitely a circus dog. ZUMBA is still working on her potty training and will need a patient owner to help her overcome this last step. She’ll sometimes sniff around for 45 minutes until she goes – but this should improve as she gets more comfortable with all the new smells. A backyard would be helpful for potty training but isn’t a necessity as long as she’s properly exercised. She definitely needs at least one long walk per day. Outside ZUMBA is very energetic and LOVES to run! She also really enjoys playing with other dogs but can be little too enthusiastic for timid/calmer dogs. She’s good on leash and generally matches the pace of her human. ZUMBA would be great with kids as long as they’re a bit older since she doesn’t always realize how strong she is. She’s shown signs of a prey drive with squirrels/birds but hasn't met a cat!