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Viktor Radics 





2Y l M | Mix | Mexico | Med Energy | Friendly | Playful | Dog Social | Crate Trained | Not cat or kid tested

ZIMBA is taking the streets of Toronto by storm and turning heads everywhere he goes. This guy is CUTE and people are taking notice. ZIMBA has come a long way since starting his new life in Canada. He was very malnourished upon arrival but has beefed up in foster care and is now at a healthy weight. Now that he knows how great food is (right?!?!) it's important to not leave anything including his kibble bag out in the open. This guy can EAT. Personality wise ZIMBA has also made incredible progress. When he first arrived he was a very frightened and very untrusting of new surroundings and situations. He was sensitive to sounds, movements, dogs and humans. In foster care he has absolutely come out of his shell and has blossomed into a playful, trusting and happy pup and he's still getting better every day. No, we're not crying.... we have allergies, ok?! Although still slightly hesitant at first, ZIMBA now LOVES other dogs and has a huge smile on his face while running around with his new pals at the dog park. Smiling is his favourite. He would love to have a canine brother or sister to play with in his forever home and currently lives with a smaller dog at his foster home! ZIMBA has also learned to love his humans and now isn't afraid to show off his super bubbly personality. When he's not trying to play with you he is happy to settle in for a good cuddle sesh. He's medium energy and is benefitting from one long and a few short walks per day. He's still perfecting house training but is getting better every day. ZIMBA does will get into all sorts of things when you leave the house unless he's crated. He does find comfort in his crate and the anxiety can more than likely be overcome with the proper guidance. This needs to be continued to not progress any sort of anxiety while he is alone! ZIMBA would like to be in a home with a flexible schedule. He's not cat or kid tested but is likely fine (no prey drive indicated) ZIMBA is an amazing dog and will continue to thrive in almost any home environment. Fill out an application