8M l M l Mix l 22lbs l Medium Energy l Playful l Dog, Cat, Kid Social l Needs Rehabilitation l Blind in one eye

We would like PHOENIX to find a home soon so he can recover from surgery with his family. PHOENIX has leg surgery on Monday and will need someone available to him at least every 4hrs within the first 3-4months. He will also need help with rehabilitation of his leg, someone available to take him to follow-up vet appointments and love him unconditionally. PHOENIX has settled into his Canadian hood rat lifestyle quite well. He is potty-trained, enjoys lots of playtime, followed by lots of naps. He currently has a large backyard to frolic in but spends most of his time sitting on the black pool tarp warmed by the sun, which reminds him of the hot days in the Dominican. PHOENIX’S energy level is yet to be determined because of his injury. He seems to want to run as much as his foster brother but its hard since being too active causes him pain. When given the opportunity, PHOENIX will run like the wind. He is very playful with both humans and dogs and shows his puppy side very adorably. PHOENIX has no training. Although he is very well-mannered and will do anything for love/attention, he does not know the basics, how to fetch a beer or walk on a leash. His health has been primary in foster care.. Well, that’s his lazy fosters excuse is. We would prefer PHOENIX go to a home with another dog. He loves his foster brother who he allows to be the pack leader while he follows along as the trusty sidekick. He has shown to be very dog social but since it is hard to have proper introductions since he lacks mobility—he gets a timid at first meetings. He also lacks experience outside of his foster home for the same reasons and is very shy in new surroundings. Afterwards, he just wants to be your best friend. He barks at cats occasionally but is able to cohabitate (mostly ignores). He is likely kid-social but please note that he is a puppy and may not know boundaries excited. He is very adjustable and will likely thrive in any household after his surgery.