F | 2 Y | Lab mix | Cayman Islands | Medium energy | Chill AF | Sweetheart | Needs a patient owner | Not a city girl | Ok with calm dogs | Not cat tested but likely good | Older kids only

Wanted: a warm place to chill, steady meals and some nice humans for lots of snuggles! If you can handle that then XERO is ready to meet you. This girl is a total sweetheart – very calm and gentle but still getting used to her new surroundings. She is amazing in the home, very affectionate and well behaved. She’s very unsure of city living though and hasn’t warmed up to the fast paced and noisy Toronto lifestyle. We think she would be happiest in the home outside the city. She doesn’t like going on walks and will pull to try to get home like yesterday BUT she does much better on nighttime walks with less activity and has absolutely LOVED walking through trails and parks. We think a quiet life in the burbs would make this little lady very happy. Although pretty low energy overall that might change in a quieter environment that she’s more comfortable in. She’s nervous when meeting new people so it’s best to let her make the first move. It doesn’t take her too long to warm up and she has TONS of love to give to her people. She’s smart and is good with basic commands but doesn’t really know anything beyond that. She LOVES food and is all about that treat yo self kinda life. Treats on treats on treats. She’s super chill and loves snuggling up to you on the couch during those crazy snowstorms. XERO is ok with other chill dogs but doesn’t really care for pups who are too rambunctious or dominant. She hasn’t been tested with cats and would be fine with older kids.