F | 6 M | Mixed breed | 15 lbs | Mexico | Medium energy | Puppy energy | Picky with men | Social butterfly | Needs training | Good with dogs, cats and kids

We love this little lady so much we’re about to get a WINONA FOREVER tattoo and then never change it. We’re looking at you Johnny Depp. WINONA is still young so has that happy, bouncy puppy energy. She’s a total social butterfly and LOVES attention but can be very picky with men. Too many high profile, tabloid relationships, ya know? Because she is young her adopters will need to devote the time to training her properly. She’s pretty good in her crate so far but will need some additional support with house training. A basic obedience class would be an excellent option for her to keep her on the right track in life #noshoplifting She’s very affectionate and craves a lot of attention. In return she never stops kissing you so you’re welcome for that. She follows you around the house and is a total lap dog. She can be rambunctious and playful and loves a good game of tug-o-war. She loves other dogs and would be great as a second pet. She’s currently living with a cat as well and doing just fine. She’s great with kids and would be a good family pet. She’s very curious and is excited for her new fam to show her all the cool and even stranger things the world has to offer. WINONA will be having a tooth removed while in the care of SOS. Ready to meet this little love bug? Fill out an application to ADOPT.