F | 1 Y | Miniature Poodle | 8 lbs | Mexico | Low energy | Loves naps | Very affectionate but a little shy | Lap dog | Barker | Separation anxiety | Dog social | Good with kids | Not cat tested

A little curly haired pup called WANDA! This little cutie is building a following in Toronto, making pals at the park and attending events around the city like a celebrity. She’s walking the red carpet at TIFF as we speak. WORK IT GUURLLL. WANDA can be a little shy at first but once she warms up she LOVES all the attention you can give her and gives tons back in return. She’ll happily follow you around the house (or like you could totally carry her like the QUEEN she is) and she loves to snuggle. Her favourite activity is sleeping so having a number of comfy spots in your pad is key. She’s low energy and doesn’t need too much space so she’d be a good apartment dog as long as you (and your neighbours!) are ok with some barking. She does tend to bark when her humans leave the house and has shown some separation anxiety. As she develops trusts and can be confident that you’re definitely coming back this behaviour might change but she will need support and patience. Alternatively she would love if someone was home most of the time. She is SUPER excited to see you when you get home and we can pretty much guarantee it’ll become the best part of your day. She’s almost fully house trained but might require a bit of help from her adopters while she gets settled in her furever home. She’s already good on leash. She’s good with dogs and kids (as long as they recognize how teeny she is) but hasn’t been tested with cats. WANDA has a loose left kneecap and she’ll occasionally stick her leg out as it pops back into place. It’s hard to say what the long term effects will be but she may potentially need surgery at some point in the future. Ready to welcome this tiny little ball of love into your life? Fill out an application to ADOPT.