F | 3 Y | Terrier Mix | 10 lbs | Texas | Low energy | Great apartment dog | Affectionate | A little shy | Likely good with other dogs | Not cat tested | No kids

Meet VANILLA! She doesn’t really respond to her new name just yet because she’s having a bit of an identity crisis (I’m a Canadian now?!) but she’s learning! VANILLA is a little shy and reserved at first – she can be a tough nut to crack but when she does open up to you she’s the most affectionate little dog and LOVES giving kisses. She likes to follow you around the house and sneak in a good cuddle whenever she can. VANILLA would be a great apartment dog – she doesn’t bark much and doesn’t suffer from any anxiety when left alone. She may choose to sleep in her crate until she gets comfortable in her new surroundings but afterward can be left alone in the home without doing any damage. She gets SO excited when you come back home and literally jumps for joy. VANILLA is fully house trained but doesn’t know any commands just yet. She’s a low energy girl and is cool with 3 or 4 short walks per day. She’s pretty good on leash but doesn’t quite understand the city traffic and will try to cross without looking both ways. VANILLA is still very nervous around new people and will need someone to help her build her confidence. She shouldn’t go to a home with any small children as she could potentially nip if she gets too scared – although this has only really happened at the vet. Because she’s being treated for itchy skin VANILLA hasn’t been allowed to interact with any other dogs so far but she seems VERY intrigued by them so we think she’d be ok. She hasn’t been tested with cats but she does love chasing squirrels! If you’d like to meet VANILLA fill out an application to ADOPT

Please note: Vanilla has been diagnosed and treated for a skin condition called mange