Van Morrison


8 months l M l Golden Mix l 40lbs (underweight) l Med Energy l Outgoing l Outdoorsy l Needs Training 

Meet this bundle of golden fluff VAN MORRISON! VAN is just a big puppy and as such is currently learning the ropes and how to be on his best behaviour and he gets better every day! VAN is not suited to apartment living and is looking for a home with outdoor space as he ADORES being outside. He’s not even overly active while outside, just likes to chill and take in all that fresh air. He knows BBQ season is coming and he is readdyyy. He would likely be a great cottage dog. Inside VAN is still pretty chill and enjoys chewing bones and napping most of the day. Having a stash of bones/toys is key to keep VAN from getting bored and wanting to chew your stuff. In any case hide yo sneaks, hide yo pumps cuz VAN is obsessed with shoes and will hoard them ALL. VAN has been doing well with crate training so far and it’s recommended that his new family continue with this. VAN is house trained and currently goes on 4 walks a day (one long one and three quickies). He doesn’t really pull on his leash but tends to stumble around like its 3 a.m. on Queen West and he’s had a few too many. VAN is good with other dogs around his size but is a bit of a bully when it comes to smaller dogs and sometimes punches them just for fun. He doesn’t realize how big he is so would be best suited to a home with older children who he can’t knock over easily. He’s currently living with a cat and he’s digging it so far.  VAN is learning his basic commands like sit and paw but would benefit from some ongoing training – he’s very smart and very, very food motivated. VAN is affectionate but definitely not a lap dog and would prefer his own couch where he can snuggle with his one true love – his bone. Although when he wants your attention VAN can be a little demanding and bark/grumble/paw at you. If you’re looking for a fluffy BFF for some serious backyard hangs VAN just might be a scruff for you! Fill out an application

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