M | 2 Y | Min Pin | 11 lbs | Affectionate | Fearless | Playful | Barker | Needs basic training | Dog social | Not cat or kid tested

This dog is not a hologram but he is gangster AF – meet TUPAC! This little guy has had a rough start in life but that don’t faze him… he’s just ready for a fresh start. TUPAC is very affectionate but does not appreciate being carried around like an accessory. He will demand your attention when he wants it by nudging his face under your arm or into your neck. He likes to get as close as he can and then he starts to whimper a little because he’s just so friggin happy that you love him too! TUPAC loves to be as cozy as possible and will find the most appealing pile of clothes or blankets in your pad to curl up in. TUPAC is very confident but not at all dominant and gets along really well with other dogs. He’s fearless and LOVES a good wrestle session even with the big guys. He’s even good at sharing his toys and has discovered how great tug-o-war is. The only thing he doesn’t appreciate is when his canine pals come near his food dish. Not cool man. TUPAC is medium energy and loves to play with his toys/bounce around the backyard like a little deer. He’s absolutely mastered the flying leap off the back deck. His new family should know that TUPAC is NOT good on leash and will require a lot of support to master these skills. Currently he spends the whole walk rapping.. . I mean barking, definitely barking. He also barks A LOT in the home and as such isn’t suited to apartment living. He’s fully house trained and will nap in his crate with the door open but is well behaved when left alone so gets full run of the house. TUPAC knows a couple of basic commands and would benefit from further training. He hasn’t been tested with cats or kids, but he’s probs fine with older kids. TUPAC is excited to meet you but just know he has a couple of bald patches on his hips that will probably never go away – scars from his days in the hood. He IsIf you’re interested in ADOPTING this little guy fill out an application today