M | 2 Y | Coonhound mix | 40 lbs | South Carolina | Medium energy | Shy Guy | LOVES his humans | Bonds very closely | Separation anxiety | Good with older kids | Good with dogs | Good with cats

TUCKER is searching for his forever home! He’s a shy guy so it’s important that people take things slow when first meeting him. It’s important to not do too much too fast, especially physical contact, because he has commitment issues, yo. JK, it’s not that hard to win over his affection and once you do you guys are bonded FOR LIFE. He’ll follow you around the house just trying to make your life better. He loves a good old fashioned game of hard to get so making him work for your affection and food during the first couple of days will help build a solid foundation for your relationship. Engaging him with basic commands from the get go or taking him on a long walk on the beach will help him develop trust in you. #soulmates TUCKER is medium energy and loves going for long strolls to explore the ‘hood, he doesn’t show too much excitement because he’s too cool for school but we know he loves it. He does show some signs of separation anxiety so while he will try to be as close as possible to you at home sometimes it’s best to send him to his bed for some quiet time alone. It’s important that TUCKER sleeps in his own bed (crate) because if he sleeps in yours it won’t be long until you’re kicked out and sleeping in the crate. TUCKER will do best in a quiet yet active home with people who are willing to balance affection and structure. He’s a very sweet boy and wants nothing more than to be loved by his humans. He’s good with dogs, cats and older kids all with a proper introduction to help him feel comfortable. Ready to meet your new best friend?