F | 1 Y | 40 lbs | Lab Mix | Georgia | High Energy | Very Affectionate | Playful | Lap Dog | Big Puppy/Needs Basics | Dog social | Good with older kids | Not Cat Tested (No Prey Drive Seen)

Meet TRUDY! This girl is affectionate x100000. She's ready to snuggle all the time and basically considers you to be her personal couch that she can and SHOULD sprawl all over. TRUDY is definitely still in her puppy phase and is extremely playful. She shows her affection toward all humans by jumping up and trying to lick your whole body but she's working on the concept of greeting people with all four paws on the ground. When she gets very excited she does tend to nip a bit and will need continued training with this going forward. Because of this, and the fact that she sometimes doesn't realize her size and comes running at you full force, TRUDY shouldn't go to a home with young children. Older kids who are able to tell her no would be totally fine as she actually loves all kids, just sometimes can't contain her excitement. TRUDY is pretty high energy and would definitely benefit from two long walks per day plus some running around time, like a good game of fetch, to help her burn off that extra steam. She would pretty much fit into any home environment but a place with a backyard that she can play in would be a plus! Once she's properly exercised TRUDY is ready to settle in for the night and CHILL HARD, laying belly up right in your lap. She's pretty good on leash already but her humans should continue to work on this to help her become even better. She's potty and crated trained and is ok to sleep in her crate at night or while you're out. 'Sit' is pretty much the only command she knows at the moment but she's really good at it and will sit for everything she wants, especially food! She's a smart girl and with continued training should be able to pick up new commands easily. TRUDY is good with other dogs but will need continued socialization especially with the little guys. She occasionally barks at other dogs while on leash but only because she's eager to make new friends.