2 l F l Egyptian Baladi l Egypt l Low Energy l People Obsessed l Good with Kids l Yogi l Apartment Friendly l Social with Chill Dogs l Not tested with Cats

Meet TITA, a 2 year old Egyptian Baladi! TITA is legit obsessed with every human she sees. Big, small, young, old, man, woman, child – no problems, let TITA lick your face right NOW. She’s settled into her routine pretty well at home but is still getting used to the outdoors and will sometimes stop for a little break if something surprises her or just looks plain weird. Other than that she’s pretty good with her leash skillzzz. She’s chill with other dogs unless they’re too hyper in which case, hard pass. She’s crate trained and won’t have accidents in the house as long as she’s crated when you’re not home. She’s also super shy and straight up refuses to do her business in front of you so don’t watch her. She's a lady and likes to keep some things private. TITAS basically a member of Mensa because she’s legit a GENIUS. While she needs some help with some basic commands that nobody has taught her yet, she knows how to open doors and is a bit of an escape artist when it comes to her crate. She currently listens well to some basic commands like off and no. She keeps herself amused with dancing and yoga and would love to have you as a dancing partner. She’s super affectionate and could settle into pretty much any lifestyle easily. If you’d like to meet this little Einstein please fill out an adoption application