3 l 18lbs l Jack Russell Terrier l Medium/High Energy l Only Child l No kids, cats, or dogs l Affection

Meet THOMAS EDISON! He is your typical Jack Russell Terrier to a tee! He has medium-high energy and loves to play, chase and fetch! He needs constant attention and will run around the house until he gets it! THOMAS EDISON would love to be your only child/dog/pet/cuddler -- he was diagnosed with only child syndrome and will cry if you say you're pregnant or if you mention the idea that you want a hobby outside of the home. THOMAS IS YOUR HOBBY DIDN'T YOU KNOW!? He is very affectionate and will be on your lap or beside you at all times. He is shy with new people and will initially bark before settling down! He loves treats and follows commands. He has minor food guarding but is not aggressive just hungry AF. He will chase anything in sight so no cats please! He also is not kid social because as we said.. he has a 'me concept'. He would be great with someone who stays home and is looking for a companion, or someone who wants to train a circus dog. Get at him by filling out a adoption application.