1-2Y l 40lbs l Beagle Mix l High Energy l Dog Social l Not Kid/Cat Tested l Prey Drive

Excited, happy, outgoing, fun.. Meet THELMA! This adorable pup travelled from South Carolina as she was not getting noticed at the shelter she was in and was at risk of euthanasia, we're not sure why because she’s AMAZING! THELMA is a young and eager high energy girl that will bounce from couch to couch because WE ARE PLAYING THE LAVA GAME. THELMA is looking for someone who is fun loving and excited about life just like her but that can also help continue to train her to success of words like... sit, stay? That everyone keeps talking about. She is absolutely amazed by the world and needs someone to help her think twice because she wants to run into it full speed. Unless she hears you want to cuddle, that’s an option too. THELMA was initially a little timid upon arrival but has adjusted into the outgoing girl we heard she was. She is pretty adaptable to any fast paced lifestyle and just needs someone to help focus her attention! She is dog social but has not been tested with cats or kids. She has high prey drive as her fav activity is squirrel patrol so she may not be fond of a feline friend. She is likely good with older kids, and just need monitoring with little ones until boundaries are set. She does not show signs of aggression but will probably jump and lick a kid into being a dog person. If you’re ready for long walks and training dates mixed with fun loving and cuddle sessions, run full speed into filling out an ADOPTION application.