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2Y | Boxer Mix | 65 lbs | Smart | Scared of everything | Needy | Champion Cuddler | No Cats

Everyone meet TEX! This handsome dude is looking for a fresh start in life and is especially looking for a patient and loving companion. If you’re looking for a guard dog TEX is NOT your guy! He is currently very timid and is afraid of pretty much everything. Loud noises? Scared. Cars? Terrified. Quick movements? No thanks. Birds? NO. Squirrels? Hells NO. TEX is also fearful of new people, especially men, so he needs someone with experience who is willing to work on his socialization skills and teach him that making new friends is cool. He's just a socially awkward pre-teen. It's not that he doesn't like new friends, he just needs you to make the first move. He's super chill with everyone once he warms up. With all this said, if you areTEX’S human he loves you more than anyone has ever loved you! Seriously, he gets VERY attached and will even follow you to the bathroom while you take a shower. TEX does not like to be left alone and especially hates being left in a crate so because of this we are looking for someone who is home most of the time or has a flexible schedule. Once you guys have established a relationship this guy he is MELLOWWW and just wants all your love and attention. He’s got mad cuddling skills. TEX is smart and therefore knows all his basic commands and is house-trained. He LOVES praise when he gets things right. TEX goes out 2 – 3 times per day but definitely prefers a laid back lifestyle filled with snuggles and the occasional bone. TEX would do best as the only pet in the home. If you have the patience, commitment and most importantly LOVE needed to help TEX reach his full potential please fill out an adoption application.