1-2Y l 18lbs l Terrier/Corgi Mix l High Energy l Curious l Fun l Mischievous l Puppy-like l Dog Social l Prey Drive l Not kid tested but believed to be good

Welcome to the cutest wittle ting TARZAN. And yes, you need him. TARZAN is a fun dude who will explore every inch of your life, jump around in the backyard till the streetlights come on, snuggle you to death while watching your fav flick and maybe pee on your carpet for fun but like the others outweigh that right? Although TARZAN is cute as F and may be adorable to just watch, he does LOVE to remind you that he's the only child, even if he's lived with a bunch of animals his whole life. He is totally SPOILED and is looking for someone to bring him back to reality, giving him some boundaries instead of caving into his puppy eyes (yes, they are cute). He is a ball of energy and when he doesn't get attention will entertain himself! Throwing toys in the air like he just doesn't care! He can be really fun and because he is a quick learner we have no problems seeing him dial it back a notch. He is dog social but has not been tested with cats or kids. He is although a little rough to play with sometimes and use your hands as his main course. He will definitely need to be monitored with children until boundaries are established but we actually think he would be a great family dog with minions running around once he learns once and for all that mouthing is not ok. He is good on a leash but does have some prey drive. But, most of the time he just wants to show off his curves and prance down the street like the stud he is. TARZAN has a difficult time in apartments with his potty training and has really benefited with access to a backyard. He is high energy and if he's not properly exercised he will misbehave in the home, like climbing all over your kitchen table... or something like that. He's basically a puppy and will need some help getting with the rules of your household. He is very curious and fun and will be a delight to many different, patient homes. If your home matches his energy and excitement about life, please don't hesitate to apply for him.