F | 8 M | Mexico | Shepherd/Beagle Cross | 35 lbs | Medium energy | Excitable and curious  | Affectionate | Needs a lot of attention | Needs training | Great with dogs | Not cat tested | No kids

TAO is looking for a forever home! This girl is still a PUPPY and curious, excitable and rambunctious. She's adorable and very silly but will need a patient owner who will devote the time and energy to training her. She's a great dog, she just needs someone to show her the ropes and help all the great aspects of her personality shine through. Don't we all though?! TAO is medium energy and loves playing at the park with her dog pals. She would benefit from at least one long walk per day to help her work off some energy but will also need a couple bathroom breaks throughout the day so should go to a home with a flexible schedule. She's nearly fully potty trained but may have an accident or two. On leash TAO tends to pull because she's so excited and bark at strangers. She is very smart and would love to participate in some kind of training to keep her mentally stimulated. This will also help protect your stuff as tends to get bored and be like "ya, imma eat all yo things." TAO is nervous around men and children so needs to go to a home with a least one female she can bond with. Once she trusts you TAO is extremely affectionate and borderline bossy while demanding your attention. She'd like to be snuggled in your lap at all times please! She is very vocal in the home so is not suited to apartment living. She hasn't been tested with cats. With proper training and guidance TAO will be an amazing little companion. If you'd like to meet her fill out an application.