M | 5 Y | Rottweiler Mix | High Energy | Very Loving, Playful, Silly & Happy l Best Cuddler/Hug Receiver l Strong like bull | Needs a home with a yard | Good w Dogs | Good w Kids | Not Cat Social l Protective of House/Barker

Meet TANK! His name is VERY appropriate because he’s a big, strong dog with explosive energy. TANK has come a long way in training and we’ve been working with him daily to help him overcome some fears and better understand the world around him. Unfortunately, the first part of his life was very secluded and TANK rarely, if ever, left his home. As such, he came to us extremely hesitant and nervous of pretty much everything. TANK has shown to be totally accepting and appreciative of his second chance and has opened up SOO much. His fosters explain him as being amazing in the home as he is so loving and funny, the best cuddler ever and numerous times they have reminded us (even though we haven't forgotten) just HOW special he is and how special he makes them feel (did we mention he knows how to hug and thinks he’s a lap dog?). He’s good with other dogs but should get a proper introduction as we want to set him up for success and provide good environments that increase his confidence and follow his training plan. We would prefer he not go to dog parks. He is not cat social. TANK is extremely playful so he needs a house with a yard (the bigger the better #mansionlife #countrylife) and lots of physical and mental stimulation every day to stay calm and happy. Give this guy some kind of ball to play with and he’s beyond excited because JOLLYBALL is life. He makes some pretty strange noises when he gets his spurts of energy that could easily scare people who aren’t familiar with him. He sounds a lot like a lion so.. if you've always wanted one or your fav movie is the lion king.. thoughts? Either way, we tell him to be himself. TANK is good on walks and crate trained. He was always gentle with kids/toddlers in his old home, and even in training hangs out with a 8-year-old dude just fine. He's also met kids walking throughout Toronto and been great!! We’re hoping to find an experienced owner who is familiar with large breeds and will continue to follow TANK’s training plan. OR someone who follows instructions well, who is open to gaining insight into dog behavour, and respects that at this point we know what TANK needs best. He’s a very loyal dog and really loves his people. He does bark at the door so be cautious of this if you are nervous of your neighbours and noise. If this cutie is for you, click below!

TANKS adoption fee will include 1 private training session with Complete K9 Care!