Photo credit:
Dani Reynolds

Lauren Passander


3 Y | Mix | 35 lbs, but strong | Georgia | High energy | Playful | Needs training | No cats | Older children are ok

Meet SUSHI – this little lady is HIGH energy and is looking for a new family who can keep her busy! She is very active and ideally would like a big home or an owner who enjoys running and biking with her regularly. She currently goes on a few walks per day and one run where she runs beside her foster’s bike like an angel. After some outdoors time she enjoys long naps with her head propped up on ALL of the pillows she can find. SUSHI has learned not to chew your stuff anymore and is becoming a pro at basic commands. SUSHI loves her people but doesn’t need constant affection. She’s happy just to hang out with you, nearby but not too close. She likes sleeping nearby, wherever you are napping or sleeping she'll come join at your feet. She would love if her new humans had a flexible schedule so she doesn’t have to be alone too much. SUSHI is becoming more playful and loves playing fetch with herself when she is bored. Gotta get out that extra energy any way you can! She grabs a toy and swings her head around and then let's go mid shake so she can run and catch it. To be safe she shouldn’t go to a home with small children or cats (because they’re just like bigger versions of squirrels right?!) but dog savvy children would be fine. SUSHI has already been camping and LOVES IT. She’s showing real progress with her basic commands and is doing very well on leash – although still gets quite excited when she sees a squirrel and new friends. The kind of excited that involves jumping straight up 4 ft into the air over and over, she is part kangaroo you know. SUSHI has made some pals but is still learning how to get along with everyone! SUSHI will need a firm owner to help her perfect all her skills and keep her in check when she gets a little crazy. In turn SUSHI will be your loyal companion and bounce up and down like a fool whenever she sees you. If you’d like to meet SUSHI fill out an adoption application.