F | 12Y | Beagle | 35 lbs | Georgia | Sweet Senior | Chill/Independent l Quiet and gentle | Low energy but still LOVES walks | Calm | Dog & Cat & Rat Social l LOVES EVERYTHING

This is SUGAR and she’s called that ‘cause she’s literally the sweetest dog ever. This senior girl could not be more deserving of a loving forever home. She’s a gentle soul and is good with dogs, cats and people – there isn’t an aggressive bone in this girl’s body. She’s getting more comfortable in her new surroundings every day and her confidence is growing. SUGAR is quiet in the home and doesn’t bark or howl like a typical beagle. She will however go to the front door to greet every visitor with a tail wag. Welcome party! SUGAR is low energy in the home but definitely has a spring in her step when it comes to walks! She’s great on her harness and happily greets all new human and dog friends. She does like to explore the world by sniffing everything - she is a hound after all. She currently goes on 2 – 3 short walks per day with pee breaks in between. SUGAR would be best suited to a home where someone is around most of the time and would make a great companion for someone who is retired or works from home. She is also SUPER independent and able to stay home by herself! SUGAR would do well in a home or an apartment and she’s super quiet and chill but shouldn’t go to a home with a lot of stairs, who needs ‘em right? SUGAR does not like to be crated. She would be totally fine in a home with cats or older children who are on her level, maxin’ and relaxin’ all day. SUGAR is sweet, gentle, calm, loving and sweet – basically all the qualities a best bud should have! All she’s looking for in return is a patient and loving family to call her own. If you can give this sweet senior lady the second chance she deserves fill out an adoption application