F | 5 Y | Chi mix | South Carolina | 11 lbs | Low – medium energy | Apartment living | Social butterfly | Almost potty trained | Funny and quirky | Good with dogs | Good with older kids | Not cat tested

Cute, adorable, sweet… we don’t think there are enough positive words to describe our girl SPRITE. This lil Chi mix likes to play coy at first and may seem a little nervous but it only takes a few moments for her to remember that SHE LOVES EVERYTHING and then she’s totally cool. This girl is a social butterfly and wants to say hi to all dogs and all humans. She would do well with another calm dog in the home who can teach her that she doesn’t need to be shy or nervous at first but she could also be an only child (AKA the light of your life) too as long as you’re willing to work on her nerves. SPRITE loves her people and follows you around the house constantly. She is very affectionate and loves to curl up in every warm, comfy spot she can find but doesn’t quite understand the concept of being picked up. She literally just folds together like a little baby kangaroo and you’ll be like are you broken?! She’s not, and she’s working on the whole being held thing. Because she gets nervous easily she might not do so well with young children but older children are definitely fine. She will need a bit of training including potty and leash training and also has a tendency to try to bolt out the front door so adopters in a house will need to be careful. She’s definitely suited to apartment or condo living too. SPRITE has her own version of a happy dance, meaning when she’s pumped up her butt wiggles so hard that it causes her feet to start dancing along. #twostep SPRITE is ready to soak up all the love she can so if you have some to spare consider filling out an application to adopt her.