M | 2Y | Bluetick Coonhound | 70lbs | Georgia | Giant Puppy | High Energy | Country Boy | Working Dog (Needs Stimulation) | Very loyal | Dog social | Not Kid/Cat Tested l Prey Drive/Chases Squirrels

This handsome devil is SPAM and he likes to werk, werk, werk, werk, werk. SPAM gets bored if he doesn’t have a job to do and he’s not properly exercised. He actually used to be a prison dog and is not ready for retirement! He’s basically a 70lb puppy and is happiest when he’s all tuckered out after a long day of walking, playing, sniffing, and protecting the house from squirrels and raccoons. He’s food motivated and very eager to please so he catches on quickly when given guidance and direction. SPAM gets bored VERY easily and is a HIGH energy dog. As soon as he wakes up in the morning he’s anxious to go on a long walk. He needs at least one more LONG walk later in the day, mixed in with some running time, fetch and tug-of-war. If SPAM doesn’t get enough exercise he literally runs around the house jumping and barking like the tazmanian devil, leaving a wake of destruction in his path. He’ll chew pretty much anything that you leave out, especially if he’s bored, so a tidy house is essential. SPAM is not suited to apartment living and would do best in a big home on a large rural property as he likes to spend as much time as possible outside. A fenced in yard is best as he definitely has selective hearing when he’s following a scent. SPAM knows his basic commands and is getting better on leash. He’s wants to be by your side although he’s not overly cuddly, just wants to be with you especially if you’re outside. SPAM is good with other dogs and is fairly respectful when they no longer want to play with him. SPAM likes kids although sometimes he can be a little much for them so dog savvy children would be best. He hasn’t been tested with cats but has prey drive. SPAM is a very loyal dog just looking for some good old fashioned country adventures with his new best friends! If you’d like to meet SPAM fill out an adoption application