F | 2Y | 30 lbs | Mix | Dominican | Medium Energy | Affectionate | Shy | Not interested in other dogs | No Prey Drive (tested outside only) l Loves Naps l Needs Socialization/Introductions

What do you mean I'm up for adoption? You're not my real mom?! LUNA is one of our Dominican beauties now looking for her furever home in Canada! LUNA is settling in to her new life well and realizing how great constant belly rubs can be. She’s still getting used to some things, but she’s getting better every day. She was initially afraid of going outside but now she can’t get enough of her walks. LUNA is however a little skeptical of new people, especially men, but warms up after a proper introduction. LUNA needs to work on her leash skills as she’s a little excited on walks and tends to pull you in the direction she wants to go. But come on... the first time she saw a leash was 3 days ago. LUNA is house trained now, cries at the door when she wants out and hasn't had an accident in almost a week. She would do well in a home with easy access to a yard but with continued training could hang in a condo or apt as well. Like we said, LUNA loves walks and she’ll cruise the streets with you for hours hitting all the cool spots this city has to offer. Life goals. She is extremely playful when she wants to be and loves tug-o-war with anything she can find but also LOVES her nap time. She’s ok when left alone and doesn’t make a sound while she’s in her crate. She is extremely affectionate and will let you rub her belly forever. You’re welcome. LUNA is in her own world and not fussed by other animals including dogs. She hasn’t been tested with cats or kids but has not shown signs of prey drive while on walks. If you’d like to meet LUNA fill out an adoption application.