F | 8 Y | Chihuahua | 11 lbs | Los Angeles | Low energy | Affectionate | Chill | Loves to sleep | Well trained | Good with dogs | Good with kids | Not cat tested

Make room for this blonde bombshell! Meet SOPHIE, our lovable little Chi from Los Angeles. This girl is low energy and is happy to be a lady of leisure, lounging on your couch. She may be from Hollywood but this little lady is not high maintenance, she saves the drama for the tabloids. She has a great temperament – super laid back and chill. Her favourite activity is sleeping but she’s pretty much just happy all the time. She’s high on life and she isn’t afraid to show it. She’s affectionate but also independent and isn’t afraid to do her own thang while you’re busy. She does like getting out of the house every now and again to strut her stuff down the street and say hi to all the beautiful people. She gets very excited when she knows she’s going for a walk – but a short stroll around the neighbourhood is enough. She’s pretty well trained and is good on leash. Fully housebroken and would be a good apartment dog.  She’s good with other dogs as long as they don’t pester her too much and the same goes for kids. She might get a little grumpy if people get too up in her face while she’s getting her beauty rest. She hasn’t been tested with cat. This posh little lady would love to join your fam so you can snuggle her and tell her she’s beautiful. She’s a gem and would fit into pretty much any home. If you’d like to meet this little movie star fill out an application.