F | 1 Y | Rottweiler mix | 45 lbs | South Carolina | Low energy | Super chill | Affectionate | Centre of attention | Loves toys | Dog social | Good with kids | Fine with cats

Stop reading immediately if you’re looking for a dog who likes a lot of activity because straight up, SOCKS is lazy. Her daily tasks consist mostly of chilling out, watching TV and snuggling up to you. She’d be an excellent companion for people who are retired. She doesn’t like being alone too much and has a bit of separation anxiety when you leave the house. Ideally she’d like to have someone home with her more often than not and if that’s not the case her adopters will need to be committed to helping her work on this. Her little legs weren’t built for long walks, moving too quickly or too many stairs. She doesn’t need a lot of exercise and elevators or main floors are her friend. She will do the stairs but we doubt she wants to do a ton of them on the reg. She has the same chill AF approach to learning as she does to everyday life, like “ya I could learn to sit, or I could just do it later. I’ll definitely do it later.” She’s a bit of a slow learner but she’s working on it in foster and is already house broken, crate trained and good on leash. She never pulls on leash because a) that’s way too much effort and b) a leisurely stroll is as fast as her little legs will go. She does have a silly side and will get VERY excited at time in which case what little coordination she has goes completely out the window. #clumsy She loves her toys, especially tearing them into a million pieces, so she’ll need an extensive and durable collection. She LOVES attention and if she thinks she isn’t getting enough she’ll just wiggle that little body right into the centre of the action. SOCKS is good with dogs, cats and kids. She is currently being treated for hookworms and kennel cough. Ready to live a life of leisure with this little gem? Fill out an application.