F | 6 M | Egyptian Baladi | Egypt | 30 lbs currently | Medium energy | Shy and timid | Very loving | Intelligent | Very curious | Dog social with proper intro | Not cat or kid tested

La-da-da-da-dahhh it’s the one and only d-o-double g… SNOOP DOG! This beautiful girl came to us from Egypt and unless being gangster AF means super snuggly and affectionate, she is not. SNOOP is still a puppy so she’s super curious about everything and wants to stop to check out every situation. She’s especially interested in what you’re getting up to and will follow you around the house like a little stalker. She is shy and nervous in new situations but is getting better every day. She’s great on leash but some loud, sudden noises still make her a little uneasy. She responds very well to positive reinforcement though and with proper guidance will continue to gain confidence. It won’t be long till she’s rolling down the street, laid back with her mind on her kibbles and her kibbles on her mind. Proper introductions with both new dogs and humans are key for SNOOP’s success. It helps her identify both as new friends and not as threats. She can be protective when new people come to her home so it’s best not to have guests approach her too quickly. Once she’s comfortable she is very loyal and affectionate with her crew. Loves hanging with her people and running around playing with her dog friends at the park. SNOOP is very smart and has learned most basic commands. She’s currently working on paw so she can give you props all day. She would do well with her own Dr. Dre – aka another dog in the home to mentor her and show her the ropes. She hasn’t been tested with cats or kids. If you’d like to meet SNOOP fill out an application.