1 l F l Lab Mix l High Energy l Playful, Excited & Friendly l Needs Basic Training l Dog, Cat & Kid Friendly l Needs space and loves the outdoors

Meet SHILOH! This cutie is A-DOR-A-BLE. Right?! A 1 year old lab mix from Quebec, this girl is ready for a furever family for the long run! She is high energy and would love a place to run and burn it off! She is overly excited about every human, animal and dust bunny she meets so giving her lots of opportunity to tire out is helpful for her training. She is learning her manners but always comes from a place of love and happiness. She is potty trained and is learning basic commands. She has mild separation anxiety but is improving daily. She loves fetch and playing. She is definitely a talker -- she just loves to tell you about her day, when to play with her and how horrible the American Idol auditions are. She's super friendly to every dog, cat, bird, squirrel, child, etc but note that she is very excitable. Her perfect home will have lots of space to play, a place to give her lots of attention/guidance, with someone who enjoys being outside as much as she does! She's currently in Toronto and is ready to meet her perfect energy match. Fill out an application.