F | 3 Y | Border Collie Mix | 33 lbs | Egypt | High energy | Very loyal | Smart  | Very playful | Bonds closely with her people | Cottage dog | Dog social | Great with kids | Not cat tested

SHADOW's name is verryyy appropriate because this girl loves to follow her people around and stick by their side 24/7. She bonds easily and almost immediately has no desire to leave your side. Like, did we just become best friends?! YUP. Loyalty is definitely one of her best qualities. SHADOW is a companion dog and would love for someone to be home more often than not. She may show signs of separation anxiety at first but gets much better with time and patience. She can be left alone but does have some issues with her crate. She's working on this in foster and we think she'll get better once she develops trust in her furever fam and understands that they're not going anywhere. Friends FO LIFE. SHADOW is very high energy and will need to be in an active home. She LOVES outside adventures and enjoys socializing with her pals at the park.  She can be a little nervous around bigger dogs and will bark at them but should be able to overcome this with increased socialization. We think she'd love to be a regular at a doggy play care/adventure program so she can use up some of her endless energy. She loves playing as much as possible and is obsessed with swimming so lots of toys and possibly a cottage would be ideal for her. SHADOW is sly like the little fox that she is. She's very intelligent and should be able to pick up training easily. She's house trained and is good on leash already. She loves being around people and absolutely loves kids but can sometimes get a little too excited around them so older children are probably best. She'd be a great family dog though because the more people to hang with her the better. After a good play session she really enjoys just hanging out at your feet. If you'd like to meet SHADOW fill out an application to ADOPT