M | 1 Y | Mixed breed | 40 lbs | Medium energy | Tri-pawd | Very affectionate | Doesn't like being alone | Dog social | Ok with cats | Not kid tested

Meet SCOOTER! This three legged Mexican pup is ready to take on the world. He may be missing a limb but SCOOTER is determined to live life to the fullest and give all the other dawgs a run for their money. #inspiration SCOOTER is very sweet and affectionate, he happily greets every new person with a wagging tail hoping they’ll play with him. He definitely gets very attached to his people and has developed a bit of separation anxiety that he's currently working on. He would love a home where people are home with him more often than not. He’s house trained but really hates his crate and actually does better if you’re able to block him off in one area, like the kitchen. He’ll bark for a bit when you leave but does settle down. He never barks when you’re home with him. He's medium energy and once he gets some of his puppy playfulness out of his system he's ready on to settle in on the couch and CHILL. He LOVES to run around with other dogs and would actually prefer to be a second dog in a home with a backyard that he can run around and play in. SCOOTER is still a pup so does pull on the leash a bit and will jump up if he gets excited. He knows his basic commands and is well mannered. Because he's navigating this world on three legs SCOOTER may occasionally have issues with his balance and is learning to master the stairs. He’s learned how to dash up them on his own but will need you to hold his collar as he heads down, just for safety! In his new home it might take some encouragement before he attempts them on his own. SCOOTER is fine with cats but hasn't been tested with kids. This boy is super sweet and generally very excited for his second chance. Please note he is currently being treated for hookworm. If you'd like to meet SCOOTER fill out an application.