M | 9 M | Australian Shepherd Cross | High energy | Doesn’t like being alone | Very gentle | Playful and curious | Good with dogs | Good with cats | LOVES kids

CALLING ALL ACTIVE PEOPLE! This is SAWYER and he’s ready to be your jogging partner, adventure buddy, ultimate tug-o-war opponent and basically anything else you ask of him. SAWYER is an Australian Shepherd cross and we’re not kidding when we say he has UNLIMITED energy. Can’t stop, won’t stop is his motto and he takes it very seriously. He definitely needs a very active owner. Netflix and chill is NOT for SAWYER. He wants to be your ultimate adventure partner and at your side as much as possible. He doesn’t like being alone for long periods of time and would prefer if his new fam had a flexible schedule – more time to play and be active! Pretty much this guy’s ideal adopters are Hal Johnson and Joanne McLeod so holler if you know them. #bodybreak He’s crate trained and is ok with it – but being confined for too long clearly drives him crazy. SAWYER is still a puppy so can be a little excitable and rambunctious but is overall a VERY calm and gentle dog. He’s very polite and if you ask him nicely to do something he’ll do it. Serious manners on this guy.  He does need a lot of attention and is always right with you. HE LOVES KIDS and would be a great family dog. He’s also good with dogs and cats. He’s working on basic training and is very intelligent so is picking things up quickly. He would love to continue his training to help keep him mentally stimulated. If you’d like to meet SAWYER fill out an application to ADOPT