2Y l M l Terrier Mix l 20lbs l Georgia l High Energy l Apartment Dog l Adjustable l Independent l Playful l Dog Social l LOVES Kids but nippy l Not Cat Tested but prey driven

Meet SAWYER. He’s ready to play, jog, and nap with you… and yes, in that order. A typical terrier mix, this dude has lots of energy and lots of love to give. He is mostly non-destructive, but still has some puppy tendencies, so he is fine to be home alone as long as there aren’t shoes around for snacking on. A rawhide or bone helps with this, and he loves them. In fact, he loves everything and everyone, and is certainly jazzed about life. When you come home he wags his tail so hard, you’ll expect him to take flight. He is happy to chill next to you, be your running partner, and is quite the kisser! He would definitely benefit from an active lifestyle, as he doesn’t tire easily. He is potty trained, doesn’t bark in the home, and would make a great apartment dog. He has met many dogs on leash, and approaches them happily and gently. Although he was uncertain of other dogs during intake, it could have been related to stress and the drastic change in environment because now he loves making friends and has not had problems with other dogs since then. He is alright on a leash and gets excited about cats and birds on the street, but hasn’t had a chance to show us if he can cohabit with them yet. He is still figuring out basic commands and how to play with toys, but has learned how to sit and is being spoiled in foster care. He nips occasionally while playing and would be better with older children, but overall, his foster describes him as “the happiest dog in the world”. She also mentioned that “nothing phases him” so he would benefit from a confident leader. He loves the outdoors, is super loyal, and ready for his forever home. If that sounds like you, fill out an application!