F | 2 Y | Lab/shepherd mix | 40 lbs | Georgia | Low to medium energy | Very Affectionate | LOVES fetch | Knows basic commands | Dog social | Likely kid friendly | Not sure about cats

SANDY is basically ready to take on the world. This southern girl has settled in very well to her new life and seems to be quite comfortable in her surroundings. She is very calm and quiet in the home and doesn’t bark except for a little woof when she hears sounds at the door. She’s trying to protect this second chance she’s got going, ya know? SANDY is a happy, sweet and very affectionate pup. She’ll give you little nudges while you’re getting dressed just to let you know that you look good, cuddles right up with you on the couch for a Netflix marathon, and will lull you to sleep during nap time with her soft snores. She’s low to medium energy and is basically chill AF in the home. SANDY does enjoy long walks outdoors though and is especially into a game of fetch with a Frisbee or ball. A couple walks per day suit her just fine, nothing too crazy. SANDY could pretty much fit into any household environment – she’s just so happy for this new chance at life. She loves her humans and she loves attention. She wants as much love as you can give her and she’s ready to show her appreciation with cuddles and kisses all day, forever. SANDY is very dog social and has been great with kids that she’s met at the park. She's the perfect family dog! She’s not cat tested but likely fine. If you’d like to meet SANDY fill out an adoption application today! PS she has the most beautiful amber eyes probably in the whole world. Get on that!