M | 1 Y | China | Lab mix | 25 lbs | Medium energy | Loves to cuddle | Well behaved | Knows Mandarin | Excited on walks | Working on basic commands | Good with dogs | Not cat or kid tested

We’re so happy to introduce you to SAM – one of our first rescues from China! SOS all ova the world! SAM is a SWEETHEART and would do well in pretty much any home. He’s discovered how great this thing we call ‘cuddling’ is and he is ALL ABOUT THAT LIFE. He’s medium energy and basically the perfect balance of chill and energetic. He’s happy to lounge around and won’t judge you if you don’t move from the couch like all day but is equally happy to adventure around town or go for a long walk on the beach. SAM is very well mannered and so far has been completely trustworthy when left alone. He’s not crated and when you come back he’s usually just sitting in his favourite armchair making sure you haven’t broken curfew. He’s never mad if you have though (he’s like a cool dad) and happily greets you with tail wags and snuggles no matter what. He does pull a bit on leash whether you’re walking or jogging because there’s just so much to see. He’s potty trained and rarely barks in the home, basically a dream dog for all y’all. SAM is learning his basic commands but doesn’t seem to really know English so bonus points if you know Mandarin. Alternatively hand signals have been working quite well, like patting the ground if you want him to come or holding a treat above him and pointing to his butt when you want him to sit. SAM is good with other dogs but hasn’t been tested with cats. Be a part of SOS history and fill out an application to adopt one of the first official scruffs from China