F | 1 Y | Mixed breed | 23 lbs | Mexico | Medium energy | Happy go lucky | Good apartment dog | Loves everyone | Chewer | Good with dogs | Fine with cats | Older kids ok

SABRINA is legit the best of both worlds. On one hand she’s a happy go lucky scruffball who is generally pumped about life and on the other hand she just really, REALLY loves to sleep. She rarely barks in the home so she’d be ok in an apartment. She is extremely affectionate upon meeting any human and will almost immediately roll over looking for belly rubs before smothering you in kisses. SABRINA sees all humans and dogs as new pals and has no hesitation meeting anyone new. She’s young but is pretty chill for a pup – she’s playful and curious but knows when it’s time to chill. Like you can totally settle in for a Netflix marathon with her right by your side. She would pretty much suit any home. She can get a little too excited sometimes and will jump up so it’s best to watch her around small children just to be safe. She LOVES kids though and once she settles down she’s amazing with them. If you’re active she can totally go for a jog with you but does tend to nip at your heels occasionally…. Just like a fluffy little personal trainer to keep you moving. You’ll basically be in the best shape of your life thanks to SABRINA. She’s a collector so she may try to steal your things as snacks and chew toys. Let’s just say she’s really starting to learn the term DROP IT. She’s working on some other basic commands but she’s smart and eager to please. She had a few accidents when she first arrived but seems to have mastered house training since. She’s good on leash and doesn’t seem to have any issues with her crate. Ready to meet this sweetheart? Fill out an application to adopt SABRINA!