M | 7 M | Shepherd mix | 30 lbs | High energy | Playful puppy | Needs leash training | Social butterfly | Affectionate | Need socialization with other dogs | Not cat tested | Older kids only

Meet ROCKET! This guy is still a puppy and is playful and energetic. He’s pretty high energy and appreciates at least two long walks per day. He can be a little bit nervous walking down busy city streets but is completely comfortable on quieter side streets. He likes to stop and smell all the roses and all the things. ROCKET is so excited for the nice weather because he LOVES going to the beach. He’s totally ready to flex his muscles for all the ladies. ROCKET likes to play and gets pretty excitable. He’s still an awkward puppy and doesn’t realize that running around and knocking everything over isn’t the best first impression. Because of this he should only go to a home with older children that he can’t easily run over. He’d be ok in an apartment as long as he’s properly exercised Although he gives you his best “never leave me” look he’s actually very good when left alone and you will typically find him curled up on the couch or at the end of the bed when you get home. ROCKET is house trained and is working on basic commands. He’s also learning how to fetch! ROCKET is very social with people. He’s very affectionate but only on his own terms. Basically, he likes to be the big spoon. He does enjoy morning snuggles tho! ROCKET seems to be dog social but he hasn’t had much interaction with them since arriving in our care as he’s being treated for itchy skin. When he sees other dogs he lets out a heart breaking little whimper because he wants in on the action SO BAD. He hasn’t been tested with cats. If you’d like to meet ROCKET fill out an application to ADOPT him

Please note: Rocket has been diagnosed and is being treated for a skin condition