M | 2 Y | Dachshund mix | Texas | Low energy | Super quiet | Great apartment dog | Very shy | Independent | Fine with other dogs | Not cat or kid tested

Meet RICHIE – another one of our Dachshund pups from Texas! (Are you sensing a theme here? Hot dogs for liiiifeee) RICHIE is definitely the strong and silent type and still seems a little shell-shocked by his recent life changes. It’s very possible that his personality will continue to evolve as he gets more comfortable in his new surroundings. Currently, RICHIE is very shy and kind of a lone wolf. His crate is definitely his safe space and when he’s uncomfortable he motors in there as fast as his little sausage legs will take him (he actually runs quite fast haha) At the moment he also prefers to eat his food alone in his crate, with the door closed. And side note will love anyone with cheese or croissants. He’s great when left alone and is so quiet that you often forget he’s even there. He’d make a great apartment dog! RICHIE is not fully potty trained and should be carried outside when he’s let out of his crate to avoid any accidents on the way out. He doesn’t know any basic commands but is actually very good on leash! RICHIE is pretty low energy but enjoys a few walks a day – typically two short ones and one longer one. He also likes running around either in a backyard or another secure area, but not for too long. He’s pretty indifferent with other dogs so far and just kind of stands there while they sniff his tush. RICHIE is very independent and kinda seems like he would live alone if he didn’t have to pay bills and stuff. He is not a lap dog and doesn’t want to be pet or held. He might become more affectionate as he becomes more comfortable and builds stronger relationships with his people. He hasn’t been tested with cats or kids. Basically, RICHIE is just a little ball of mystery! He would benefit from a patient owner who will put work into building his confidence! If you’d like to figure him out fill out an application to ADOPT