11M l BIG PUP l 55lbs l Lab Mix l Medium Energy l Fun Loving l Social Butterfly l Outgoing, Playful, Excited l Cuddle Monster l Dog Social l Kid Friendly l Not Cat Tested

Looking for a dog that wants to cuddle you just  as much as you want o cuddle it? Meet QUINN. No need to have trust issues. This dude will not let you down. Or.. anyone else for that matter. QUINN is so happy, cuddly and excited about life that it will be an honor to be in his presence. He loves everyone and is the happy go lucky dog from the movie UP. QUINN would love a home that has lots of love to give and is looking to receive just as much in return. QUINN will also need a home that is able to provide basic obedience for this young pup  and help direct him to properly introduce himself to other dogs as he will run up to every dog possible and try to play. He doesn’t understand social ques well and also doesn’t get why everyone isn’t just so happy and playful as him? Seniors? Lets play! Bossy dogs? Lets play! He is hyper and needs someone to help him calm down during introductions. He would be a great second dog with an equally as playful furry friend. He is also very curious which makes walking a little.. interesting. Here, there, everywhere. It’s like he’s Sherlock Holmes on a case. He needs help with basic commands and is about 90% potty trained. He responds well to commands well to guidance and  just needs stability and dedication to training., He is pretty suitable to an apartment or house, as long as he gets exercised for about 2-3 hours a day. He loves fetch, tug-of-war and any other fun games you have in mind. He adorably will nudge you with his wet nose when he wants to play, walk or just climb on top of you. He is very easy to fall in love with and would love if you would say yes to a forever commitment. He is dog social, LOVES kids, and is not cat tested. If he’s your fun loving guy, please fill out an adoption.