M | 10 Y | Boston Terrier | Med Energy | Blind | Very people friendly | Possessive | Good apartment dog | Good w Calm Dogs | Only child syndrome | No cats l Older Kids

Let us introduce you to a Compassionate Adoption Contract. For dogs we see in special circumstances that might make adoption more difficult, we propose a special contract that will help fulfil their lifelong needs, with longtime support of Save Our Scruff. Because all we want is for their success.

Meet PRINCY. Although this dude is unbelievably loyal, excited about life and dedicated to living a fast paced lifestyle despite his ‘senior status’ PRINCY has been hard to place in an adoptive home because of his age, health concerns, as well as particular attitude (#werkit). PRINCY is 10 years old, social with calmer dogs and although was only partially blind when he was last posted, has now had both eyes removed. He also has skin issues as well as allergies. Full vetting details will be disclosed prior to adoption. Now, for the Compassionate Adoption Contract. SOS is willing to help support some of PRINCY’S vetting for the rest of his life, post adoption. This does not include annual vetting or anything that would be considered an ‘average expense’ required for dogs. Our adoption manager will fully disclose what will be covered and what will be required from his adopter. But for example, there will be no adoption fee. 

NOW FOR PRINCY! This dude is.. well.. the dude. At least in his mind. He is high energy and requires about 2-3hrs of exercise daily. He has a zest for life and cannot simply stay at home on the couch all day. He wants to feel the wind in his hair (and on his bald patches) and use his smell, taste, hearing, feeling senses to explore the world. PRINCY is a lover of humans to the point of “shadow” status. This is not only simply because he loves you but because he does use your voice cues etc to help get around! He would benefit from a home with no stairs or a space with blocked stairs for safety reasons. He needs to be an only child as he has had limited socialization. In 10 years without SOS, PRINCY reacted to other dogs with aggression because he could not see them and was fearful. No one taught him out of this which now makes this his first reaction. We would love for him to have training so his owner can help introduce him to dogs properly and maybe find him his first friend! PRINCY also needs continued support with his possessiveness, which he is kicking a** at. He is completely FULL of love and will be the best companion to you that he can be. He just needs some rules and someone who is wanting a dog they can rescue and rehab.

Please put in an application below. You will be introduced to our Adoption Manager and a phone interview will be set up to talk about details of this adoption. If all goes well the next steps would be references and a meet and greet. Please note that you DO NOT have to continue after putting in the contract.

Photo credit:
Kate Warren