Photo credit to:
Tala Kamea


M | 1 Y | Mexico | Mixed breed | High energy | LOVES attention | Good w Dogs (selective) | Good with kids | Fine with Cats

Meet PRINCIPE! This guy just recently arrived from Mexico but holy shizz does he ever LOVE his new life in Toronto. He’s one step away from starring in a teen drama, transitioning into rap and then running this city. WHAAATT. PRINCIPE is always happy and loves his people. It can be hard for you to get anything done because he’s always nudging and licking you, trying to get you to pet him. PRINCIPE is still young and is high energy. You can take him out for an hour walk and it seems like he has even MORE energy by the time you get home. He would be great for someone who goes jogging regularly. PRINCIPE is basically a socialite and wants to say hi to everyone he sees so city living is just fine for him. If he’s around people all day it tends to tire him out more so he would love to have someone home more often than not OR go to the office with you. In the home PRICIPE is quiet and only barks if there’s a need to – hello new alarm system! He’s house trained but does have the tendency to mark his territory in new places. He should be crated until he gets used to his new space but afterward is very well behaved and should be fine if left out. PRINCIPE will need help with basic training including his leash skills. He’s ok with other dogs although can be selective with playmates and will assert himself as the alpha when new dogs enter his home. He was tested once with cats and was fine just energetic and he’s been great with kids so far! If you’d like to meet this big goof fill out an application to adopt PRINCIPE today.