F | 3 Y | Boxer | 50 lbs | Mexico | Medium Energy | VERY CHILL = BEACH LIFE l Very Affectionate | Quiet | Not a city girl | Loves the outdoors | Needs Socialization w Dogs | No cats | Good w Kids

Meet PRINCESS our beautiful boxer from Mexico! This girl is very, very sweet and will be an excellent companion! PRINCESS is definitely a country girl though and would prefer a home outside of the city. So far city noises are freaking her out and she prefers to stick to the quieter side streets. She’s medium to high energy and currently gets 3 or 4 walks per day. She’s pretty good on leash but likes to move at a quick pace and expects you to keep up! She does pull a bit to say hi to other dogs and will zig-zag a bit if she’s in a busy area. She also goes for quick 5 minute jogs at the end of the night which seem to tire out her foster more than PRINCESS. She could probably walk for hours if you wanted her to – she just LOVES being outside. Ideally she’ll go to a home with a backyard that she can chill in. PRINCESS is potty trained and crate trained and has been working on her basic commands but would benefit from continued training. PRINCESS is extremely affectionate and will shower you in kisses all day every day. She is extremely gentle and leans right up against you while you rub her side. She likes to be by your side when you’re home but is pretty good when you leave – just a couple of whimpers. PRINCESS needs more dog socialization – she loves saying hi to all of them but doesn’t care to stick around. Just like HIII, yup, you’re a dog. KBYE. She feels cornered when anyone goes to sniff her bum and needs help so she can confidently introduce herself to dogs. She can be unpredictable with dogs and we are looking for a furever home that will focus on improving her dog socialization. She is not cat friendly. She’s extremely gentle and has been great with the few kids she's met. If you’d like to meet PRINCESS fill out an application.