Photo credit:
Heather Davidson



1Y | M | Husky Mix | 90lbs | big boy | high energy | affectionate | needs training | needs socialization

Montreal royalty in the house! Meet PRINCE  - a big, lovable husky cross. PRINCE is still very much a puppy and as such is extremely ENERGETIC. He could easily replace your morning coffee as he is right there to wake you up at the crack of dawn for hangs. Who needs caffeine when you have this big goof?! PRINCE is looking for someone to play fetch and tug of war with because he’s quickly realizing that both are pretty hard on your own… he absolutely LOVES being outside and enjoys two long (looonngg like 1 hr minimum) walks a day.  PRINCE definitely needs some help with his leash skills as it’s all pretty new to him and he just wants to stop and smell ALL THE THINGS and chase ALL THE SQUIRRELS! His forever home should definitely have a fully fenced yard to help PRINCE expend some of his energy. When you do manage to tire him out he’s a 90 lb cuddle bug and will happily curl up on the couch with you. He enjoys watching cartoons but don’t tell anyone because he’s tryna be tough, k?  Currently PRINCE is apprehensive of other dogs but he’s working on it! He suffers a bit from only child syndrome and would be best suited to a home where all the attention is reserved for him. PRINCE doesn’t love being left alone so it would be best if his human(s) had a flexible schedule. This big guy has a heart of gold and is looking for someone to be his best bud for life. If you can keep up with PRINCE fill out an adoption application today!