F | 1 Y | Canaan Dog mix | 30 lbs | Saudi Arabia | Medium energy | Shy at first | Best as a second dog | Playful and curious | Needs training and socialization | LOVES dogs | Ok with cats | Not kid tested

K those ears though?! Meet POLLY! This beautiful girl is extra special and has been making people smile every day with her progress. POLLY is extremely shy and nervous in new situations and will need a very patient owner. It might take her a couple of days to work up the courage to really leave her crate and even then she might stick to only a few select areas of your home. Under that shyness though is an amazing, curious, loving, playful pup who we see more of every single day. POLLY would do best in a home with another dog as she’s currently learning so much from her foster sister. She spends a lot of time watching her and then even mimics her behaviour like playing with toys and waiting for treats. #siblinglove She actually loves ALL other dogs and is 100% a dog socialite. We can tell that she loves humans too but doesn’t really understand how to show affection (cuddles, pets) just yet. She’s pretty awkward about it but still SUPER excited to see you when you come home and when you get up every morning. She’s crate trained and definitely sees it as her safe space. Her training so far has mostly consisted of socialization and exposing her to new things. She is good on leash but will not do her business while on walks so needs a home with a backyard. She’s nearly fully housetrained and has just learned sit from watching her foster sister. She is VERY smart but will need someone who is fully committed to positive reinforcement training with her as she needs to feel comfortable. When she’s scared she hides, freezes or bolts so we cannot stress the patience factor enough. She lives with a cat and is cool about it (k fine a little scared) and hasn’t been tested with kids. If you’d like to meet POLLY fill out an application to ADOPT