M | 8 M | Shepherd Mix | 32 lbs | Mexico | Medium energy | Shy at first | Playful | Chewer | Smart and adaptable | Needs training | Timid around big dogs | Not cat tested | Older kids only

Meet PITA! This playful pup is ready to bounce right into his new life – after maybe like a slight adjustment period where he’s a little shy and nervous but like whatever. When he first arrived PITA was scared of pretty much all the sights and sounds of the big city but with some support and patience from his foster he’s coming out of his shell and becoming more adventurous. While he would probably love a home in the ‘burbs or a huge farm with time we think he’d be ok in the city too. He’s very adaptable and eager to please. While he’s very intelligent he definitely needs more training. He’s still a puppy and has that mischievous energy where he doesn’t really realize when things aren’t cute. Ohhhhh you DON’T like when I chew your expensive shoes?! My bad. Mostly he just likes to bounce around the house playing with his toys. He’s still learning the basics and has almost perfected potty training, but may still need a pee pad at night. He’s good on leash (may still try to avoid some city noises and cars because WHAT ARE THEY?!), knows basic commands and is good about his crate. PITA does jump when he gets excited so a home with older children would be best. He hasn’t been tested with cats and is afraid of dogs who are bigger than him. PITA is affectionate AF is looking for a kind and patient owner who will continue to build his confidence and work on his socialization skills. It may take him a bit to warm up but when he does it’s so worth it!