PENELOPE | F | 10 Y | CHI | 7 lbs | LA | Low energy | Sweet senior | Sleeps A LOT | Loves snuggles | Loves her humans | Separation anxiety | No teeth | Ok with dogs and older kids | Not cat tested

Safe to say we have a thing for sweet senior Chihuahua’s here at Save Our Scruff. Meet the latest addition to our bunch – PENELOPE! This girl has had a rough start to life but she’s ready to put the past behind her and look toward a bright future full of sunbathing, cozy blankets, nice humans, dog beds, lots of naps and most importantly ALL THE SNUGGLES. She’s low energy and doesn’t really care for walks. She knows that she does her business outside but is ready to go home immediately after because there are cozy, indoor places to be napped in, duh. She will need 4 – 5 pee breaks per day though so someone who is home most of the time is important. She also has separation anxiety which she is working on but progress is moving slowly and her people will need to be patient. She would be suited to apartment living as long as it’s quiet and people are around most of the time. She bonds very closely with one person and will follow them around everywhere – ladies we are not even kidding PENELOPE will steal your man in about four seconds. Don’t be jealous. She’s small and delicate so be careful where you step! Because of her size she should only go to a home with older children. She’s fine with other dogs as long as they don’t wake her up and hasn’t been tested with cats. She’s working on crate training but doesn’t love it just yet. PENELOPE recently had surgery to remove all her teeth and now her tongue hangs out of her mouth but it’s cool because she’s heard dogs have become insta famous that way. She’s coming for you, Toast. If you can spend your days snuggling this sweet girl fill out an application to adopt below.