F | 1-2Y | Collie Mix | St Lucia | Low to medium energy | Chill | Sweetheart | LOVES people | Learning basic commands | Good with other dogs | Not cat or kid tested

Well isn’t this little lady just a peach! PEACHES has travelled from the sunny island of St. Lucia to find herself some nice humans to snuggle up with. Make no mistake about it this girl is on straight up island time and is all about living that mellow lifestyle. Her favourite activity is sleeping so put away those running shoes right now. She’s pretty low energy overall but does enjoy being outside and likes to go for walks. A couple scenic strolls per day and she’s good to go… back to the couch for another nap. PEACHES is a total sweetheart and absolutely love love LOVES her people. She is a cuddle monster and steals everyone’s hearts with her little kisses. She’s been through a lot in life already so to see her still be so loving, trusting and laid back is a testament to her amazing disposition. She loves attention and follows you around the house until you sit down and then she’s right in your lap. She would be ok in a house or apartment. PEACHES is house and crate trained. She’s working on her basic commands and making progress, although somewhat slow progress. Island time, yo. She’s good with other dogs and is currently living with one in foster care. She hasn’t been tested with cats or kids but she’s so chill we can’t imagine any issues.