2Y l 50lbs l Chow Mix l Medium to High Energy l Playful & Excitable l Needs Emotional Guidance l Benefit from Calmer Environment l Obedience Training Preferred/Home Stimulation l Good Second Dog l Benefits from Crate Time l Patient Owner Needed l Not Cat Tested l Not Kid Tested

Meet OSO. This guy is from South Carolina and after a small stint of pushing boundaries in foster care, he was sent to board and train with Complete K9 Care to help control his personality, emotions and Chow tendencies. We have learned that OSO is very playful and excited generally, but also takes on his atmosphere as a stimulator of this behaviour. Example, if you greet him in high baby noises he gets way over stimulated and has a hard time controlling himself. He would instead benefit from a calmer, patient owner who can settle his emotions while getting to know him/gaining trust with him. Having a handler with an even temper makes him calmer then a cucumber. OSO doesn't handle pressure well and related to his breed, doesn't show warning signs of distress. He will need someone to help guide his emotions so he can get a handle on things in your home, since he currently has a handle on them in training. Once this is done, boundaries can be less strict if he's following the rules. Crate use is key during this time as a way of preventing failure (when he's alone and doesn't have control of himself) as well as a way to keep him like that cucumber we mentioned earlier. Once all of this is mastered, OSO is kind of awesome and just a really great, fun loving, happy go lucky guy that his trainer says he is. He just needs the proper support right off the bat so you can build an amazing relationship together. He is also SO FLUFFY and majestically beautiful, kind of like the dog version of a unicorn. He'd be great with a second dog that can also help guide him. He is not cat tested but his trainer thing he may be good! He is a bouncy, fun dude who is SO ready for his furever!!