M l 2Y l 65lbs l Lab Mix l Med - High Energy l #1 sidekick l Social Butterfly at the Dog Park l Good w Older Kids l Not Cat Friendly l High Prey Drive l Attention Seeker l Goof l Separation Anxiety l

MEET OSCAR! Moving to Toronto from Montreal was totally worth it because this guy knows he's going to find the perfect furever fam to match his YOLO mindset. SO happy and grateful to be in his new comfortable lifestyle, OSCAR is looking for a loving family in which to be star sidekick! Fast pace Toronto is a perfect place to stimulate his love of meeting new dogs/people, be an office dog, pick up the kids from school, and energy bunny all at the same time! He's verrrrrry smart and eager to please, and because second chances don't come around often, his human is most important to him - he could cuddle all day. He'd love a family that he can entertain separately and pretend they are 'his favourite' so he can get more walks, more love and more human time.OSCAR loves being outside with you; take him to the dog park to catch up with his new best friends, let him swim in the water in the local ravine, and then be ready to nap hardcore when you get home. A dog school like @unleashedinthecity would be a great option for him during the day, because he misses you so much when you leave. He's a great companion for day to day activities and scouts honour will chill beside you at your fav cafe, either sleeping by your feet or making strangers fall deeply, deeply in love with him. OSCAR needs some basic obedience and will need help with his prey drive on leash! He is very lovable and will be your best friend furever! If OSCAR is the magic one then don't let him slip away.